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The Bay Therapy Centre is located in West Bridgford, Nottingham

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Acupuncture  – Anna Wszolek:

As a form of medical treatment developed and used over the last 5,000 years, acupuncture is deemed both safe and effective for a variety of conditions and for all age ranges.  It is suitable in the treatment of both acute and chronic disorders, and as a means of preventing ill health, offering itself as an excellent form of maintenance therapy.  For more information on the use of acupuncture, including the use of traditional chinese herbal medicine, call Anna on 01530 563331 or email annawszolek@talktalk.net or visit my website www.annawszolek.co.uk.  Anna's clinic runs every Friday at the Centre.

Acupuncture - Yvonne Sommer:

Yvonne has been practising in West Bridgford, Nottingham ever since qualifying from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM), Reading in 2002. She treats patients with a variety of issues and concerns and particularly enjoys helping them with issues of fertility.

Yvonne is also a practising veterinary surgeon - in fact it was the realisation that acupuncture works so convincingly in her furry patients which convinced her to study human acupuncture.

Since 2002, she has also been teaching conventional medicine application at the CICM acupuncture college in Reading.

As you can see, there is never a dull moment in her week.

Yvonne's Specialisms

As acupuncture represents a complete health system, it can be used for any issues and conditions. It can bring tremendous relief in several types of pain and discomfort, but also works on a much deeper, less physical level. As the Chinese medicine approach looks beyond the labels we are given by conventional medicine, it can find a treatment for the most unusual and difficult conditions.

As mentioned above, Yvonne particularly enjoys fertility work and has helped several couples to overcome the hurdles to having a successful pregnancy. She is grateful and astonished every time how acupuncture can help achieve this most wonderful of goals.

Yvonne's Approach to Therapy & How She Works 

Yvonne's study at CICM Reading has enabled her to use Five Element Acupuncture alongside Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. This allows her to approach any issues and conditions from a variety of angles, tailored to the individual patient and their needs. It also means that she will take a very comprehensive health history, even if you just come to her with tennis elbow!

Her treatment will involve the gentle insertion of needles in points on the entire body, depending on the treatment plan. You'll get to lie down and relax for about 10 minutes whilst the needles do all the work. Weekly treatments are usually required for most conditions, with a review at every session to determine the progress and agree on future plans.

Yvonne practises on a Tuesday and/or Wednesday afternoon and evening and will endeavour to fit you in within a week or two for the initial 90 minute appointment. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes long to allow for a catch up, treatment and further planning to help you along your path to health.

Conatct Yvonne on 07931563067 or email yvonne.sommer@hotmail.com

Acupuncture - Marisa Belli

Acupuncture for Fertility, Gynaecology and Obstetrics

I have been practising for almost 15 years locally and in Derby.

Since graduation I have specialised over the years along with continuous education with Zita West and Jani White as a fertility specialist, as part of fertility network groups and associations.

Over the years I have worked with fertility units and am completely versed in treatment options be it medicinal or surgical for couples and fully understand the processes and drug regime associated with IUI/IVF, and donors,

Due to my pharmacological background I am well aware of the various medications administered for fertility and gynaecology, the effectiveness but moreover the side effects and limitations.

My gynaecological training also allows me to help women of all ages with various conditions, especially those that have exhausted medication and now feel emotionally worn down with side effects and constant hormonal imbalances.

I have helped young girls deal with chronic debilitating pain, irregular cycles and chronic pre-menstrual syndrome, so much so rendering the standard medication issued by Dr’s unnecessary.

PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids and cysts can all be treated to alleviate the pain and symptoms that unfortunately fall alongside.

If you have suffered a miscarriage and need to rebalance your body and prevent any further distress then acupuncture will help you deal with the grief over your loss as well as treat any underlying issue to help you achieve a successful pregnancy.

Menopause unfortunately affects different women in different ways but if you are suffering with anxiety, hot sweats, severe mood swings then I can help you sleep, feel calmer and happier and alter your body temperature. Early treatment ensures a very quick cessation of the symptoms.

Whilst helping women to conceive I have continued to see them during their pregnancy to ensure an easy and healthy 9 months. Acupuncture is recommended during pregnancy to ease morning sickness, fatigue, swollen ankles, carpal tunnel and array of other pregnancy related issues.

Acupuncture is a wonderful alternative for women or girls who struggle in any area of their reproductive health. It is unfortunately a very complicated system but with specialised acupuncture by someone fully trained, it can be treated so simply and effectively.

Call me for a free consultation 07979 815759