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The Bay Therapy Centre is located in West Bridgford, Nottingham

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Nottingham Massage – Randy Barber:

Remedial massage, sometimes known as deep tissue or sport massage, is aimed at easing muscular pain and tension and promoting greater flexibility.  It tends to be very focused on specific areas of the body and more directly addresses deep tissues than other forms of massage therapy.  Treatments may be intense, but a skilful therapist will always ensure that any discomfort is within your tolerances.  Randy has many years of experience in this form of bodywork and holds diploma level qualifications.

For those who prefer a gentler approach, Randy is able to offer Bowen Therapy.

For further information about remedial massage visit www.nottinghammassage.com .  To talk to Randy or to book a treatment ring 07743 495588

Ayur-Ved – Sapna Pandya:

Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle practice which aims to create harmony within the body. It is based on the philosophy of health and lifestyle that treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.
I specialise in Ayurvedic Massage along with the specific Marma Points (also referred to as energy points) to help restore balance to the body.
Stimulating the Marma Points helps to remove blockages, enabling the five cosmic elements to flow and restore balance and can help to:

  • relieve depression and anxiety
  • lower stress hormones in the blood
  • improve sleep
  • enhance the immune system
  • make us more alert

For further information and treatment types please visit: www.ayur-ved.co.uk
Alternatively you can contact me via email: sapna@ayur-ved.co.uk or mobile 07958 670664

Lisa Brindley – Full Movement Method:

This wonderful therapy is a unique blend of ancient art and deep bodywork with a genuine philosophical foundation. Modern scientific understanding of pathology mixes with ancient cultural understanding of the ills that beset mankind, to provide a logical and rational working model for establishing WHAT is wrong with someone who is suffering pain and HOW and WHY it has occurred. The method has evolved over 20 years of clinical practice and has been tested on thousands of sufferers.

Please call Lisa Brindley on 01949 860013/07854 506451 or email her on: lisa_brindley@hotmail.co.uk for an introductory chat and to make an appointment.

Freedom Pain Relief - Transforming Lives - Mind, Body & Spirit

Are you in constant pain?

Do you struggle with sleep problems?

Is fatigue robbing you of a "normal life"?

Do you feel that no-one understands how you are feeling?

If any of the above sounds like you, you've tried everything and come to a dead end....

Call Emma today and claim your FREE CONSULTATION 07870667159 or email emmajhodgson@hotmail.co.uk

*Neuromuscular Therapy * Myofascial Release * Swedish Massage * Sports Massage * Reflexology*

The Alexander Technique – Maggie Bishop (B.Ed, M.Sc, MSTAT)

The Alexander Technique is a guided self-help technique to help you develop skills to change long-standing habits which often cause physical and sometimes mental tensions. It can help you to:

                  • Gain more control of your movements
                  • Relieve muscular and joint aches and pains
                  • Reduce anxiety and stress and increase confidence
                  • Promote good poise, posture and ease of movement
                  • Breathe more easily and overcome vocal problems
                  • Boost your performance in all activities such as work, walking, cycling, singing, acting and sports activities
                  • Prevent injuries to yourself

Research published in the British Medical Journal  demonstrated the long-term success of the Alexander Technique in addressing chronic back pain. It showed that individuals receiving GP care had 21 days of back pain per month whilst those who took Alexander lessons as part of the trial had only 3 days of pain.

A course of Alexander Technique lessons teaches you to respond more appropriately to the challenges of everyday life by working with the dynamics of the neuro-muscular skeletal system of the body. Each lesson usually last around 45 minutes during which you will learn practical skills to improve how you move, perform, look and feel.

Maggie has been involved with the Alexander Technique for over 20 years both as a student of the Technique and a qualified teacher. She carried out her Alexander teacher training at the Manchester Alexander Technique Training School (MATTS) and is a qualified teacher of the Technique registered as a Member of the Society Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT - http://alexandertechnique.co.uk/). Maggie also has a number of other appropriate qualifications including being a trained teacher registered with the Department for Education (DfE).

Maggie offers both individual and courses of lessons, talks and small group work. If you would like more information, or to discuss your needs, please contact her on 07974 314530 or email her on info@alexandertechnique-maggiebishop.co.uk  

All correspondence is completely confidential.

The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for personal development, self-awareness, mindfulness and learning new skills. Whatever your age, ability or state of health it can help you to become stronger, calmer, give you more mental clarity and physical stamina.  For further information, look at Maggies' website at www.alexandertechnique-maggiebishop.co.uk 

Sarah Lewin - Massage Therapy - MFHT, ITEC 

Whether it's a spa-like relaxation massage to soothe away stress or something deeper to unlock tension in specific  areas, then I can provide a treatment to suit your needs. 

I have 15 years experience as a fully qualified & insured therapist. 

The massages I offer are;

Swedish - a gentle massage for relaxation.

Aromatherapy - a gentle massage using  therapeutic essential oils to further aid relaxation. 

Hot Stones - using volcanic heated stones to further aid relaxation. The stones relax the muscles & allow for a deeper massage. 

Deep tissue massage - for focused manipulation on specific areas of tension or pain. Great for sporty types, and if you are experiencing muscular aches and pains.

You can call me for a chat on 07938 537146. Also look at my website for further information on www.innersmiletherapies.co.uk or contact my by email on innersmiletherapies@hotmail.com


Kathleen Markham - Holistic Therapist

I qualified in Holistic Therapies in 2004 at Diploma level and progressed with further education in 2009 with a foundation degree in complementary approaches to health and social care. I am specialised in substance misuse, blood borne viruses and worked with neurological care has a therapist. My first 10 years has a therapist was within the community enhanced by working with the Holistic Health Team where I progressed to projects manager. I am a professional, experienced therapist and my main objective is to provide a holistic service to enhance peoples wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically with a tailored treatment plan for individuals needs.

Therapies Available

Hot Stones

A deep and relaxing massage using heated basalt stones with aromatherapy oils to promote wellbeing, boosting the immune system and increasing energy levels.

Indian head massage

A massage to the scalp, face, upper back and arms, using essential oils or without if for those who prefer to remain clothed. This treatment can relieve eye strain, headaches, tension, improve concentration, boosting the immune system and.creating a feeling of wellbeing.

 Aromatherapy massage

A wonderful relaxing massage using specially blended essential oils to improve circulation, relieve mental stresses, and anxieties, reduce muscular tension and helping to rebalance the emotions.


A system of massage used to relieve tension & treat illness, based on the theory that reflex points on the feet are linked to every part of the body.  May be beneficial in boosting circulation, release of congestion and toxins, improving lymphatic flow, drainage, hormone balance, depression, deeper relaxation and body aches and pains.   

Pregnancy massage

Prenatal massage is the therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother to be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints , improves circulation, muscular aches and pains and may help with  mental and physical fatigue.

Holistic Facial

A deep cleansing treatment, exfoliating, and rebalancing moisture levels,  Including a neck &'shoulder massage using specially blended oils to suit you. Shiatsu pressure points and lymphatic drainage techniques are used to disperse toxins, diminish fine lines and delays signs of aging. A truly holistic therapy leaving your skin energised and rejuvenated.  

Mini Manicure & Pedicure

File & Polish

Luxury Manicure & Pedicure

Soak, File, Exfoliate, Massage, Cuticles & Polish


30 minutes £25.00

45 Minutes £30.00

60 Minutes £38.00

Block Bookings

6x 30 Minutes £132.00

6x 45 Minutes £156.00

6x 60 Minutes £210.00

Gift Vouchers Available

Loyalty Scheme

To book, contact Kathleen on 07891652750 or email kathleenmarkham98@yahoo.com