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KS Wellbeing – Katrina Stevens:

Reflexology works on the principle that reflex points present in the feet represent every organ and system in the body, and by working these points to create balance, sedation or stimulation may provide a general sense of wellbeing or address specific issues.

Mind and Body Fertility at KS Wellbeing:

Trying for a baby sometimes doesn’t feel like the easiest or most natural thing with as many as 1 in 3 couples experiencing fertility issues.  This can be due to a known condition such as poly cystic ovaries, endometriosis, irregular periods or of unknown cause.  Getting help via assisted conception routes can be expensive and stressful.

Katrina Stevens at Mind and Body Fertility provides Reproflexology (TM), a specific type of reproductive reflexology.  Whether you are planning to try for a baby and are looking at pre-conception care, have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant or are embarking on assisted contraception methods, Reproflexology (TM) may be of benefit.  Katrina can help you understand your cycle, prepare a treatment plan including diet and lifestyle advice based on each individual client to help you prepare for pregnancy, and enhance your chances of conception.

For more information please contact  www.kswellbeing.com for further information.

Georgie Parker – Clinical Reflexologist 

I have been interested in holistic therapies for many years, in particular reflexology. I have enjoyed many reflexology treatments myself, and it’s the positive affects it has had on my own health and general wellbeing, that made me pursue a career in it.

I can now share my passion and help you experience the wonderful benefits of reflexology, and help restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

I’m trained to the highest level in the UK; The level 5 Centralia Reflexology Mastership, and also a member of Professional Reflexology.

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy, which is based on the theory, that the reflex points on the hands and feet, correspond to the organs and systems of the body.

Gentle pressure applied to specific reflex points on the feet, can stimulate and rebalance any areas that are congested or imbalanced, so restoring balance naturally.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment and may also:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Help with digestive disorders such as IBS and constipation
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Help with headaches, migraines and sinus problems
  • Improve mood
  • Correct hormone imbalances, including menopausal symptoms and under/overactive thyroid
  • Aid fertility
  • Help with cancer care
  • Give you a general sense of health and well being

You will benefit from weekly/monthly sessions or just a one-off.

Your needs are individual, so I tailor treatments to provide the best possible benefit for you.

To book an appointment, or for further information, please contact me on 07785363392 or georgie.soulfulreflexology@hotmail.com .